Our services

Conception / Prototype / Manufacturing / Subcontracting / Import / Customizations :

Didier Bolze, founder of BOXS, have had the opportunity to work personnaly in the past with famous designers, such as : Andrée Putman, Yves Saint Laurent, Martin Margiela, Isabel Marant, Christophe Lemaire, Sunjoo Moon, Oscar de la Renta…
25 years of experience in fashion and design have tought him another approach, pragmatic et reactive.
Industrial and artisanal know-hows are our passion. We try therefore to create products in regards to manufacturing possibilities, rather than from scratch on a CAO software.

Prototype and samples
Thousands of samples of boxes available in our showroom allow an immediate and accurate dialog with our clients.

Clients can immediately select materials, shapes, finishings. We can then avoid expensive prototypes, spare weeks of product settlement.

We can of course work in a more traditional way, starting for your functional and economic specifications and needs.

Manufacturing and competitiveness
The best way to manufacture a product at the lowest price is not to ask 10 quotations (to manfucaturers of bicycle, motorcycle, plane, truck, tractors …to manufacture a car), but to be smart in design and select the plant with the appropriate machines and know-how.

Our network of 150 sub-contractors all over the world give us the opportunity to solve your need of boxes.

This unique network can make us combine all materials, all know-hows, taking into account your price and timetable targets.